Senior Real Time Middleware Embedded Software Engineer

מיקום המשרה: רמלה  תחומי המשרה: תוכנה, מהנדס תוכנה, Real Time, הנדסה, מהנדס תוכנה, מהנדס תוכנה Embedded  סוג/היקף המשרה: משרה מלאה  The real time embedded software engineer will the responsible for high reliability real time software development activities on all layers, starting from bare metal and up to application. The position requires a highly self-motivated SW engineer, independent and out of the box thinker. You will have the opportunity to be involved from early stages of architecture & design planning, through development and testing, up to integration within GuardKnox hardware products, cloud infrastructures, and field deployment.Responsibilities Include:* Define, evaluate, investigate and prototype technologies and solutions.* Design, develop and verify embedded SW, both in low level and system level.* Participate in design reviews, architecture definition.* Development on bare metal microcontroller or on top of a RTOS.* Driver and firmware development.* Development in conformance to safety and cyber security standard.* Working closely with the VnV and DevOps team to monitor and support a critical production system used by clients around the world.Requirements: * Bachelors degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or related discipline from a familiar institute.* At least 8 years hands-on experience in C/C++ and Embedded/RT development.* Experience with HW/SW interfaces on the board and chip level.* Experience with lab instruments and measurement techniques.* Strong knowledge in C/C++.* Assembly code and firmware know-how (e.g. BSP, drivers).* Low level or bare metal programming.* Familiarity with RISC architecture.* Experience with system design.* Knowledge in operating systems and concepts.* Cyber security background.* Experience in kernel space programming.* Experience in real-time application development.* Experience in working on complex real-time embedded system-of-systems.

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