Senior AI /ML Researcher

מיקום המשרה: כפר סבא  תחומי המשרה: תוכנה, מדעים מדוייקים, מפתח אלגוריתמים, הנדסה, מהנדס אלגוריתמים, פיתוח אלגוריתמים  סוג/היקף המשרה: משרה מלאה  Senior AI / ML ResearcherשAn IoT security startup, is looking for a senior AI / ML researcher to lead the algorithmic research and development of our AI network security anomaly detection solution, leveraging unique diversified company IP.The ideal candidate is a strong AI / ML researcher, looking to work in a dynamic startup environment, solving challenging real world problems with state of the art algorithmic technologies (Coreset, outlier detection, deep learning, decision trees).As part of the job the candidate will also research large datasets from real-world use cases, participate in generating the companys intellectual property, and engage with customers Data Science teams.Requirements: Model and implement anomaly detection algorithms as part of the company\'s products, based on the company\'s break-through Coreset technology Research, model and implement anomaly classification mechanismsWork closely with university-based AI/ML research teams Research large scale and diverse IoT data setsDesign and implement an innovative IoT security technology Participate in generating the companys Intellectual PropertyQualifications: Deep background in data scienceEducation: PhD +2 years or MS + 3 years of related experience in computer science, data science, or machine learning Proficient in Python Strong background in math/statistics, machine/deep learning and data mining Motivated, fast learner and independent A team player, excellent communication skillsAdvantages: Proficient in Apache Spark / PySpark Experience working with cloud (AWS) technologie

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