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מיקום המשרה: תל אביב יפו  תחומי המשרה: תוכנה, מתכנת Full Stack  סוג/היקף המשרה: משרה מלאה  Responsibilities:Work with development teams and product managers to ideate software solutions Design client-side and server-side architecture Build the front-end of applications through appealing visual design Develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications Write effective APIs Write technical documentationRequirements: 4+ years of coding experience; languages of preference are PHP and JavaScript (vanilla). Experience with MySQL database - 2+ years. Deep experience in Linux. Experience with: API + REST, Apple API - a big advantage. Experience with Java - an advantage. המשרה מיועדת לנשים ולגברים כאחד.

תאריך כניסה: 2022-06-23 08:19:32
תאריך פרסום: 2022-06-23 10:57:00
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קטגוריה: software
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