Software Engineer, Video/Multimedia (XR Graphics)

מיקום המשרה: תל אביב יפו  תחומי המשרה: תוכנה, מדעים מדוייקים, מהנדס תוכנה, מפתח אלגוריתמים, הנדסה, מהנדס תוכנה, מהנדס אלגוריתמים, פיתוח אלגוריתמים  סוג/היקף המשרה: משרה מלאה  Software Engineer, Video/Multimedia (XR Graphics). Responsibilities:Building multimedia processing pipelines, including container parsing, format support, codecs, media capture, audio/video synchronization, real-time communication, validation and tuningEnabling hardware accelerated video processing, drivers for hardware accelerated codec blocks, buffer sharing and synchronization with GPU and displayOptimizing and improving video codec efficiency, encode rate control, speed, video, pre/post-processing and error resilienceDebugging and diagnosing quality of end-to-end video experience on lossy networks in real-time communication scenariosRequirements: Minimum Qualifications:BSc in Computer Science or related field (or equivalent industry experience)Proficiency in C/C++, strong software development, optimization, and debugging skills4+ years of experience with H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP8/VP9 video codec standardsUnderstanding of the client multimedia stack, including containers, codecs, and AV synchronizationExperience with codec implementations like OpenH264/x264/x265/libvpxExperience with drafting or modifying video encodersPreferred QualificationsExperience developing cross-platform software for Linux, Mac and WindowsExperience in WebRTCExperience in video with networkingExperience with software services, web and cloud technologiesExperience with hardware accelerated video processingExperience building FFmpeg filters or have worked with FFmpeg APIsExperience with Open CL, DirectX and Intel Media SDK programming. המשרה מיועדת לנשים ולגברים כאחד.

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