Content Manager - UX & Social Media

מיקום המשרה: תל אביב יפו  תחומי המשרה: אינטרנט ודיגיטל, מנהל תוכן / עורך תוכן  סוג/היקף המשרה: משרה מלאה  Required Content Manager - UX & Social Media.Responsibilities :Writing & editing across the board, from landing page content to ad copies, articles, and overlays to eye-catching headlines, interactive quizzes, and new .features on different sites.Optimizing copy and articles to maximize performance and effectiveness.Working closely with campaign managers, product managers, and designers to create engaging user experiences.Ensuring clean and accurate information on an ongoing basis.Requirements: Native level English speakers only.Demonstrable excellent writing and editing skills.2+ years of experience writing/editing for an English-language website or online magazine/newspaper, preferably marketing content.Creative and out-of-the-box thinker who is proactive in pitching new ideas.Experience in creating playful and engaging content in various formats - written, visual, video, etc.An eye for a good online/funnel experience.A team player.

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